Becoming a Successful Freelance Talent

Starting your Freelance Talent career can be a daunting task. When I first ventured out on my own, there were many questions weighing on my mind...

  • Where will I find work?
  • How much do I charge for my skills?
  • Will I be able to pay the bills without a steady paycheck?
  • How do I start?

These are just several of the many questions that came to mind when started working for myself. I will walk you through how to deal with these questions and more throughout the remainder of this article.

Becoming a Freelance Talent

When I first toyed with the idea of becoming a Freelance Talent, I relished the idea of being my own boss, working my own schedule and taking on a workload that I was comfortable with... but I am a realist! I am well-aware that the entertainment industry is highly competitive, and filled with skilled artists all competing for the same gigs. Don't let this scare you away!

I have learned many things throughout the process, and I want to pass along a few golden nuggets of knowledge to you...

Be Knowledgeable

Finding gigs can at first seem like a monumental task. Clients like a Talent who is on top of their game... always willing to make time for them and willing get to do more than just perform at their event. Not only do you have to earn their favor, but you have to learn their objective. Performance is only one part of the equation. Showing you are interested in your client's product and/or service will go just as far, if not farther than putting n a good show.

Be Honest

Do not give your clients the runaround. Always be a straight-shooter! If you are not qualified to deliver 100%, don't put yourself in a compromised position just to earn the gig. Insure them that you are able to give them what they want, and if not, try to refer them to someone who can. DO NOT LIE TO YOUR CLIENTS!

Use a Project Finding Service

There are many websites out there allowing Talent to bid on client projects. More often than not, the client ends up NOT hiring the Talent from the website, because they found a local Talent who was available and willing to have face-to-face meeting. This is were the EC Model & Talent Agency Network at can be a lifesaver. We allow you to create a profile based on your location, whereby clients are able to search for you by skills, location and even proximity. If your skills are a clear-cut above the rest, chances are that remote clients will find you for their projects as well. On top of this, EC Model & Talent Agency Network also has an extensive Job Board that allows you to apply for any kind of project. From full-time to contract jobs, we offer it ALL!

Group Forum

Nothing helps a Freelance Talent out more than other Freelance Talents! Using our Group Forum allows you to communicate with other Talents, and gives you a chance to talk about how you go about finding work. Show them your work and ask for their honest opinion. Remember... YOU HAVE TO BE OPEN TO THEIR IDEAS! Sometimes you have to roll with the punches. As a Freelance Talent, you can not get defensive about your shortcomings, be it in your promotional materials, or your show itself. Be open to constructive criticism.

EC Model & Talent Agency Network is a great way to meet, communicate and learn from other Talents. It is more than a gig finding website like most others... It is a Social Network for all you Facebook junkies out there... but without all the "Fluff"! It gives you a chance to meet your own peers in the same industry, join Peer Groups, participate in Forums and make Friends and Colleagues. It truly is a Freelancer Talent's Best Friend! 🙂

At the end of the day, using these tips has helped me and many other Freelancer Talents become successful in their fields. It may seem like a huge mountain to climb, but in reality it is quite simple. Take the leap of faith, utilize the abundant tools out there and enjoy the freedom of becoming your own boss!

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