What is EC Model & Talent Agency Network?

EC Model & Talent Agency Network is happy to announce that we are ready for users! That's right... We have completed our development phase and need Talents and Clients alike to sign-up and try out all the features on our site at ectalentagency.com and help us spread the word!

What is the EC Model & Talent Agency Network? We are a brand new source for Talents to find their next gig, and clients to locate their Talent.

  • No need for payment, points, coins, etc. to bid on jobs
  • No commissions taken from your invoices to clients
  • Cancel any time

EC Model & Talent Agency Network is much more than this... It is also a Social Media Platform, connecting Talents and Clients worldwide to collaborate on work, projects, trends, ideas and more!

  • Connect with your peers
  • Post your projects in our Peer Group Forum for peer critique and constructive criticism
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest trends with our Forums
  • Find your next gig with our Job Board

You see, EC Model & Talent Agency is a brand new way to stay on top of your game. It has everything a Talent needs to succeed and flourish! Connect with your peers, and start building client relationships TODAY!

Check us out at http://ectalentagency.com

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