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Connect with Talents and Talent Buyers alike, and keep your profile up-to-date with our Free Membership. You are able to view all of our Members, but you are not able to view by Member Types, e.g. "Agents", "Bands", etc. You are able to Post a Job, but you are not able to view available gigs on our Job Board. However, potential clients are able to view your profile by searching your location. After you have familiarized yourself with our Platform, please do consider upgrading to a Premium Membership to gain full access to the BEST Talent Booking, Networking and Event Industry Community Platform available!

*Disclaimer: You will have LIMITED ACCESS with a Free Membership. Signing up for either of our Premium Memberships below will give you a FREE 30-Day Trial FULL ACCESS Membership with no obligation to buy thereafter... so you really should just skip this Plan! 😉


*NOTE: If you book through an agent, you will pay around an industry standard 20% Agency Fee and miss out on tens, hundreds or even thousands in potential revenue over EACH booking! This age-old agent / client / talent booking methodology is fundamentally flawed due to exorbitant agency markups and false hidden agendas. Upgrade to our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for only $19.95 and you can deal direct on our unique Talent Community Networking Platform, chock-full of THOUSANDS of industry-active Talents and Talent Buyers! You can book as many shows as you like monthly, and never pay any commissions or agency fees. Just ONE booking alone will return your small investment many times over. Repeat bookings only serve to further demonstrate the fantastic value on offer below:


First 30-Days FREE, then $19.95/mo. Cancel Anytime.

Gain access to the best Talent Networking / Booking Platform available. View Member Profiles by Member Type, e.g. "Agents", "Bands", etc. complete with Direct Contact Information and Community Networking Tools. Eliminate standard 20% Agency Fees for just $19.95 (highly recommended for seasoned Talent Buyers and Talents who don't want to give 20% or more of their booking fee to an agency). Keep your profile up-to-date, apply for your next gig via our Job Board, contribute to Peer Review Groups, let Talent Buyers search for you by location and connect with other friends and colleagues on our Social Media Platform. Everything a Talent or Talent Buyer needs for only $19.95 per month! Cancel anytime... Network anytime... and enjoy no additional fees or commissions over every booking!

*STRONGEST RECOMMENDATION: Let's say your Talent Fee is $1,000.00. You book through an agency, and give them 20% of your earnings. Would you rather receive $800.00 or $1,000.00?! Now, let's say you book an average of one show per month. Over 12 months, you will have lost $2,400.00 of potential income (and we would like to think you are booking more than one show per month!). Very simply, our best value is our PREMIUM ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP at just $199.00 per year. Based on the realistic example above, booking just ONE SHOW PER YEAR would pay for your entire membership!


First 30-Days FREE, then $199.00/yr. Save 20% annually. Try before you buy!

All of the features in our PREMIUM MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP with an annual savings of 20%. Also, you will not have money leaving your account every month, making you think twice about your monthly expenditures. This Community is full of serious-minded industry professionals like yourself, who want to book shows. Post what you had for dinner on Facebook. Get booked here! If you could begin to fathom the years of hard work, dedication and expense it took to ultimately realize this platform, you would not think twice about contributing $199.00 to become a member. Sign up now to access the PREMIUM MEMBER areas, and watch your investment pay for itself many times over in no time!



Local Projects

Some Talent Buyers want to hire local Talents to keep expenses down. Face-to-face meetings are the best way to communicate a project's needs. We allow clients to search by location, skills and proximity for Talents like you.

Better Work

The best way to make sure your work is top-notch is by using our Peer Review Boards. Allowing other peers to critique your work will result in great and intuitive work! We encourage our online community to interact, teach and learn from one another!

Be Noticed

There is nothing worse than worrying about where to to find your next gig. With EC Model & Talent Agency Networking Platform, let clients come to you so you can worry about one thing... making your show all that it can be!

Become Friends

Not only is EC Model & Talent Agency Networking Platform a top-of-the-line solution for Talent and Talent Buyers alike, it is also a Social Network of Talents, Agents and other industry professionals. Become friends with your peers, and follow what they are doing!

Find New Gigs

Sometimes, a client doesn't know who to hire and wants to interview several candidates. Our Job Board has projects and contract jobs available locally, regionally, nationally and internationally awaiting your skills.

No Commissions

Here at EC Model & Talent Agency, we believe you are worth every penny you earn. That is why we do not charge a commission for any projects completed outside of our personal management. This keeps more money in your pocket, and clients coming back!

Are You Ready To Step Up?

First 30-Days Free, then $19.95/month. Cancel Anytime. Here we go!

I Get It.

First 30-Days Free, then $199.00/year. Save 20% annually! Try before you buy. Let's do this!



How do I get started?

Becoming a Talent or Talent Buyer with EC Model & Talent Agency Networking Platform is incredibly easy. Simply create an account and socialize with your peers. Upload your portfolio, offer your advice in Peer Review Groups and gain more paid work. After all, more work = more $$$!

How much do I get paid?

Each Talent has their own rate. Therefore, a project's cost will be determined by the type of event, the length of time, the Talent's credentials and their own individual rate. Many times, a client will ask for a quote and timeline before hiring you. There are a couple of questions to ask yourself before giving a quote:

Is it a specialized skill? Proven, qualified specialists, particularly in highly technical peformance fields will typically command a higher rate.

How long will this project take? If the client requires a time crunch, they will pay more money to have the job done fast. Talents sometimes charge a "rush" fee for the small time frame to rehearse custom performances.

How do I get paid?

This is entirely up to you. Once a client contacts you, the ball is out of our hands. Simply let your client know your terms. Some Talents use an escrow system that allows a client and Talent to both be safely paid. Others will simply send out an invoice to their clients.

How do I complete a successful project?

Be knowledgeable! Knowing what your project consists of before starting will help every event go smoothly. Giving in-depth and honest answers to your client provides them with a calming feeling. If you research their company or other similar projects, you will get a good feel for the event, along with the client's demands. Communication! We know we say this a lot, but communicating clearly, thoroughly and consistently is very important.

Why should I use EC Model & Talent Agency Network Platform?

EC Model & Talent Agency Networking Platform is the easiest way to be located and hired successfully. We boast that our Talents can complete any project, from backyard birthday parties to gala produced shows and more, so it is up to you to live up to those standards.

How do I apply for gigs?

Applying for a gig can be an intimidating task. However, with the EC Model & Talent Agency Job Board, this task becomes relatively simple. Find a job that you are qualified for, and send an email with your qualifications. Many times, these emails contain:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Link to your profile
  • Your Website
  • Client Reviews
  • and more!

Sending a well-written email will up your chances of closing the deal!