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How do I hire the right Talent?

Talent come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you need to weigh out your needs against your budget, and decide whether you want to hire a famous National Act, a Regional Performer or Local Talent? To defray travel expenses, you can search our Talent by location. You are able to narrow down your search to Talent within 25 miles of your location. If travel fees are not an issue, search for the best fit. You can also narrow down your search by selecting only the specific criterion applicable to your desired talent.

Are you still not sure who to hire? Post your project on our Job Board and let the Talent come to you!



What kind of events can I find talent for?

You name it! We have Talent to fill just about any description you can think of... and they can get the job done at a top level. You can book through us for an industry standard 20% agency fee. We will take care of EVERYTHING!

  • Big or small events
  • One-off or seasonal engagements
  • Individual or group performers

It doesn't matter if you are looking to hire talent for a home anniversary party, produce a themed event with multiple acts or hire name acts! We have the Talent needed to complete the task.



When should I hire?

When is not the question... It is how fast can I hire that impresses most Talent Buyers. It only takes seconds to complete a detailed search and review Talent profiles. Contact your Talent, and you are on your way to completing your next stellar event!

Need to post your project? Talent are online night and day looking for their next gig. You can expect resumes within hours of your job posting. Yes, it IS that fast!