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How do I hire the right Talent?

Talent come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you need to weigh out your needs against your budget, and decide whether you want to hire a famous National Act, a Regional Performer or Local Talent? To defray travel expenses, you can search our Talent by location. You are able to narrow down your search to Talent within 25 miles of your location. If travel fees are not an issue, search for the best fit. You can also narrow down your search by selecting only the specific criterion applicable to your Project.

Are you still not sure who to hire? Post your project on our Job Board and let the Talent come to you!



What kind of events can I find talent for?

You name it! We have Talent to fill just about any description you can think of... and they can get the job done at a top level. You can book through us for an industry standard 20% agency fee. We will take care of EVERYTHING!

  • Big or small events
  • One-off or seasonal engagements
  • Individual or group performers

It doesn't matter if you are looking to hire talent for a home anniversary party, produce a themed event with multiple acts or hire name acts! We have the Talent needed to complete the task.



When should I hire?

When is not the question... It is how fast can I hire that impresses most Talent Buyers. It only takes seconds to complete a detailed search and review Talent profiles. Contact your Talent, and you are on your way to completing your next stellar event!

Need to post your project? Talent are online night and day looking for their next gig. You can expect resumes within hours of your job posting. Yes, it IS that fast!


How do I get started?

Hiring Talent with EC Model & Talent Agency is incredibly easy. No need to create an account. No need to pay a subscription... and no need to wait! Simply complete a search and review our Talent profiles. If you like what you see, Contact Us and we will get the ball rolling for you in no time!

If you don't have time to review profiles right now, post your event needs on our Job Board and let Talent apply. Interview a few, and narrow down your search.

How much should I pay a Talent?

Each Talent has their own rate. Therefore, a Talent's cost will be determined by the type of event, the length of time to complete the job, the Talent's resume and their own individual rate. We recommend specifying your ballpark budget to us in advance, so we may know the range of cost you can afford, and not waste time trying to secure talent outside of your budget.

There are a couple questions to ask yourself before beginning your talent search:

Does my event require a specialized skill? Proven, qualified artists, particularly in highly artistic disciplines will typically command a higher rate.

How familiar are you with the skill you are hiring for? If you are hiring outside your knowledge base, we recommend doing your homework. Make sure the Talent is qualified for the event by viewing their complete listing thoroughly. Ask us questions... lots of them! Also, if you have the financial means, this is the time to splurge a bit. Paying a little more for quality Talent is an investment that will pay dividends later on down the road. View EC Model & Talent Agency as an Event Manager helping you find the ideal Talent.

How do I pay my Talent?

We take care of all of this for you! The last thing you want to do is deal direct with one or more Talents on your project. They are performers after all, not agents or accountants. If they have time to handle all their own business affairs, they are probably not focusing on the single most important element--their ACT!

How do I evaluate Talents?

Reviewing a Talent's profile is the best way to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Look for events they have completed that are similar in size and scope to your project. We always recommend reaching out to us and asking a few questions specific to your upcoming event, to determine if a given talent is the right fit for you.

How do I complete a successful event?

Be knowledgeable! Knowing what your project consists of before starting it will help your event go smoothly. Giving in-depth project scopes and answers will give our Talent the best possible chance of completing your vision in the best fashion possible.

Communication! We know we say this a lot, but communicating clearly, thoroughly and consistently is very important.

Why should I use EC Model & Talent Agency?

EC Model & Talent Agency is the easiest way to locate and hire accomplished Talent. Our Talents can make your event shine!

What if I can't find a Talent for my event needs?

If you can not find a local Talent, browse our other members. Most Talents are open to travel, and do so regularly.

If you still can not find a Talent you trust to complete your project, post your project to our Job Board. This will allow qualified Talent to to submit their resume to you. This makes it easy to review their work qualifications for your event.