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How Much Should I Pay for a

Trade Show Model?

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Basic Promotional Models

Asking how much you should pay for a trade show model is like asking, "How long is a piece of string?" Models come in all shapes and sizes. You will need to weigh out your needs against your budget, and decide whether you want to hire a Basic Promotional Model, a Demonstrator or a Presenter (the 3-types of models we provide).

The first, and most popular type of model we provide is the "Basic Promotional Model". These models are the least experienced models, starting at the lowest barrier of entry to work professionally. Duties amount to enthusiastically welcoming attendees, flyer distribution, meet & greet, etc. Rates for this type of model start at $300.00.


"Demonstrators" are the next step up from Basic Promotional Models. If your needs amount to anything more than having some attractive individuals draw attention to your booth mostly based on their appearance alone, then you should "step it up"!

  • Basic Script Memorization
  • Active Verbal Engagement with Attendees
  • Understanding and Getting the Message Across

If models are expected to study and learn about your brand, they obviously have to put in some time outside of and before the event itself. Rates for this type of model start at $400.00.


If you want to parlay your brand in the most professional manner possible, consider our "Presenters". These are our most experienced models. Not only do they function as models, but they are also adept spokespersons and emcees.

To stand out above the rest, you want a model with a commanding presence... not only in appearance, but also in "delivery". Being teleprompter / earprompter-proficient, highly intelligent, well-spoken and articulate are just several of the traits you will find in our Presenters. Please note that different Presenters often command varying rates based on their resume. Prices for this type of model start at $550.00.


What are my first steps?

Hiring Models with EC Model & Talent Agency is very easy. No need to create an account... and no need to wait! Simply Fill Out our Trade Show Model Request Form and we will get the ball rolling for you in no time!

You don't need to choose your actual models now! Just describe your needs to us, and let us suggest the best talent options!

How much will I have to pay?

We simply have half-day and full-day rates. You will instantly receive this information via free pdf download upon completing our Trade Show Model Request Form. Sometimes, rates for given models may vary based on their resumes. Also, please keep in mind that certain types of modeling will entail higher rates, e.g., wearing costumes, wearing LESS clothing (swimwear, lingerie, etc.). A model's cost will ultimately be determined by the type of event, the length of performance time, the model's resume and sometimes, their own individual required rates. We recommend specifying your ballpark budget to us in advance, so we may know the range of cost you can afford and not waste time trying to secure models outside of your budget.

How do I evaluate Models?

Reviewing a model's profile, and/or the information we send you after your initial request is the best way to start. We always recommend reaching out to us and asking a few questions specific to your upcoming event, to determine if a given model is the right fit for you.

How do I complete a successful event?

Be knowledgeable! Knowing what your event consists of before starting it will help your project go smoothly. Giving in-depth product, services and event information will give our models the best possible chance of completing your vision in the best fashion possible.

Communication! We know we say this a lot, but communicating clearly, thoroughly and consistently is very important.

Why should I use EC Model & Talent Agency?

We are not the only agency in town. You have many other options. There are several other quality agencies offering same and similar services, but most are "fly by night", unlicensed and uninsured. You can even contact many talents directly through a simple Google search. However, most performers do not excel in customer service. This is because top talents hire professional agents like us, so they have more time to focus on their acts. More importantly, they generally do not carry proper insurance. Finally, they often work second jobs and are not readily available leading up to your event date. Do you want to bypass our professional agency service and all that comes with it, only to save 10-20%? The potential repercussions could cost you MUCH more!

We leave nothing to chance. You will have full access to your account representative through the completion of your event. We have backup talent in place in case of emergency. We understand that things can change on the drop of a dime, and are flexible within reason. We employ a strict talent screening process to insure that you are only contracting the very best performers.

"Our Mission is to provide you not only with the best talent and customer service, but also with a positive, memorable event."

- Sean McCabe, President