What is the difference between a “Casting Director”, a “Talent Manager” and a “Talent Agent”?

A Casting Director is the person responsible for assigning roles in a movie, play or production. A Talent Manager, also known as an Artist Manager, Band Manager or Music Manager is an individual or company who guides the professional career of Artists in the entertainment industry. A Talent Agent, or Booking Agent, is a person who finds jobs for actors, authors, film directors, film […]

What can you do to help me advance my career as an Artist?

It is a little known fact that most Artists fall short in at least one, if not many of the crucial marketing and talent development areas OUTSIDE of the performance arena. Yet, it always amazes us how many Artists try to “do it all”. It is no wonder why many only achieve lackluster results, if […]

Do you only offer Exclusive Talent Management Contracts?

NON-EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION Depending on the caliber of your act, some of our Agents may be willing to allow you to continue to book yourself, and/or work with other Agents. In these scenarios, performers are generally pre-established with a steady stream of bookings. Their schedules have become so busy, and they are receiving too many booking […]