Virtual Events – Post COVID-19

Serious Note to Clients & Talent-alike

It is time to face the music. Live events will NEVER be the same (as they were before COVID-19). Changing and adapting to the current environment is essential for your company to remain relevant. Turn this negative situation into a positive one. Be proactive, not reactive. The technology to hold virtual events, trade shows and conferences is developing at light speed. Your competitors are already starting to embrace the future, by planning their next virtual event today. We are not just another agency selling zoom meetings. We are a team of professional event planners, IT experts and world class performers. We stand ready to bring your brand to the world… from the comfort and safety of your own locale!

What differentiates EC Virtual Events from other companies touting online meetings & services? For starters, we provide a comprehensive platform that can only be realized through collaboration. So many companies are quick to try and sell you something that is freely available, from the explosion of zoom meetings (or was that zoombombing? haha), to Google Meet, to Microsoft Teams, to Cisco Webex, to Facebook Live, to WhatsApp, to Skype… and more. These are all effective tools, but short of  upgrading to expensive monthly plans, they all represent free apps that do one thing (video conferencing).

Collaboration with Top Event Industry Experts = Virtual SUCCESS.

In order to take into account the needs of a company looking to market their brand and product on local, regional, national and global scales, we sought out to collaborate with some of the top experts in their respective fields to bring you an all encompassing solution. Be it virtual, live or even what we envision, “hybrid” events, we have the most qualified team to bring your dreams to reality. Click button below to view our Talent Partners…

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